Jake Peters – A native East Ender in his early 20s, Jake practically raised himself on the streets following his mother’s death from cancer when he was 15. A secondary school drop-out, Jake is very street smart, but not terribly book smart. His father, Alexander, died in a mystic battle with the evil entity known only as “the Nemesis,” but Jake doesn’t know about any of this. Jake has the ability to harness and control electrical currents, but it’s not clear whether the origin is biological or mystical. He also is able to detect the presence of true “evil,” a gift from his dad.

John Campanella – Raised in France, but born in London, Campanella runs an international consortium of criminal enterprises. Unbeknown to anyone (himself included), he is actually Jake’s half-brother; they share the same father, but his mother was a young woman possessed by the Nemesis at his time of conception. She seduced Alexander Peters in a bid to destroy his soul. Alexander managed to defeat the Nemesis and cast it out from her body, but he didn’t know two things: 1) That he impregnated her, and 2) That the embryo was imbued with the Nemesis’ essence. John’s mother gave him up for adoption, and he bounced from foster home to foster home, ending up in Paris with one family, where he was such trouble, they turned him over to the state. By the time of his teens, he escaped and became a major player in the drug and art smuggling trades. Campanella (a name he gave himself) has the ability to alter the molecular structure of any object, a talent he’s refined over the years through self-training in chemistry and biology.

Penelope “Pip” Hadley – A prostitute who has fallen under the influence of Campanella, Pip was just another punk rock girl in Jake’s circle of friends years ago, but her addiction to heroin made her desperate and led her to a life of sex work. When Jake re-enters her life, he makes it his personal mission to “save” her, which puts her directly in the middle of the conflict between John and Jake.

Tony Smith – Chairman of the Council on the Abnormal, Supernatural and Extra-human (C.A.S.E.). He becomes a pawn of the Nemesis, which makes him dedicate all C.A.S.E.’s resources to finding and capturing Jake Peters.

Junior Detective Sergeant Rebecca Hansen – Primary inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department assigned to the series of murders that ties together our story. In her early 30s, she is young for her rank, and has to work twice as hard to prove herself to the old “boys” of the Metropolitan Police. Though C.A.S.E. has its own issues with Jake, Hansen still has her criminal investigation running, which counters C.A.S.E.’s assumption Jake is responsible. She eventually forms an uneasy alliance with Jake, to the point of helping him track down his family secrets.

Uncle Shamus – Jake’s (and John’s) paternal uncle. He’s spent the last 15 years locked up in a sanitarium, but it turns out his delusions of evil spirits and mystical battles weren’t hallucinations at all. Jake eventually learns about his father’s past and death from Shamus.

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