Eastsiders takes place in Blackcross, a fictional district in London’s East End, where the remnants of crime and decay are clashing with a changing landscape being shaped by gentrification and redevelopment. In the midst of this is Jake Peters, a young man on the run. Wrongly accused of gang murders actually committed by international crime lord John Campanella, Peters has to find a way to clear his name while dodging both local police and agents of C.A.S.E., the covert organization that wants him for his extra-human power to command electrical currents. His only means of redemption is to bring to light — and end — Campanella’s crimes.

We follow Jake as he plays a cat-and-mouse game with Campanella and the authorities (including C.A.S.E.’s American counterpart, Project Omega), develops a tense relationship with Detective Sergeant Rebecca Hansen, and vies for the redemption of his former lover Penelope (a sex worker who’s fallen under Campanella’s influence).

The first chapter of Eastsiders debuted in the March 2014 issue of anthology series Omega Comics Presents.

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